Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Car Trouble

Why is it that everytime things feel like they are going pretty good in your life your car breaks down...or is it just me? This has been going on since I was a little girl. I think the biggest problem was that my Dad is a sucker for a good "deal" whether it runs or not. More times than not we ended up on the side of the road, and when the car/truck/van did run it was always so noisy and embarrassing that I wished for it to break down!

The "paid for" car has been my new thing. It began when Clay lost his job in St. Simons. We knew that we needed to save money, so we sold our Dodge Durango. Clay was still driving his oldJjeep Cherokee and I was on a mission to find the best car $2500 could buy. It turned out to be a 1990 Toyota Camry and I was so proud. It was clean and it would run forever! Last year we sold the jeep and I decided to go for it and get my "dream car" , well sort of... a 1996 Volvo station wagon. I was so excited and loved the fact that I talked the guy down almost $400! We recently decided to trade the Camry in for a 1990 Suburban - sure it drinks gas, BUT we needed a truck to be a true Eufaulian and I needed a way to haul yard stuff, trash etc. while working on the house. We got a pretty good deal, but it needs a little work.

We decided to leave the 'Burban at home and take the Volvo to Columbus to go to a "good" grocery store. Columbus is a 45 minute drive and just when we arrived in town the car just stopped running! No warning, no lights, no nothing...just stopped! Of course it was pouring rain and Trip was napping. We didn't know what to do, I started praying! We called my Mom and brother, Darcy in Eufaula and he said he would get his trailer and pick the car up with his truck and mom would come and pick us up.

That problem was solved so we just had to figure out what to do while we waited for an hour. For some reason we actually had 3 umbrellas in the car and figured that the gas station was about a mile away. We started walking when a guy named "John" pulled over to offer us a ride. He was from Panama City and was traveling to see his Mom in Atlanta. He said that he felt that he had to stop because a man once helped him out at 2:00 am and he promised to pay it forward - besides he said that he couldn't help pull over when he saw Lillie B's bright yellow duck umbrella! We had him drop us off down the road at K-Mart so we could at least let the kids play in the toy section for a while. It ended up being a pretty good day!

Our car is being fixed this week - in the meantime we have been cruising in the big 'Burbon that is in desperate need of a new muffler! Lillie Barnes made a yucky face the other day when she got out of the truck - one that I recognized - one that builds character! That's life!



At 9:22 AM, Blogger Guinness_Girl said...

I abhor car trouble, and I've had my share of it. (Can you believe I still have my '94 Acura? Then again, I don't actually drive it anymore...it's just sitting in our apartment complex parking lot!)


At 9:46 PM, Blogger meridith said...

oh girl.......i can not even begin to tell you the ways i can relate to this post. i think car trouble is my middle name sometimes. i know what you mean about 'paid for' cars, after years of car payments and having 3 cars totalled by being rear ended......i am driving a little 89 VW jetta that is paid for....it's old...but it gets me where i need to go. someday....i think....i hope.......i'll have a car that's paid for and runs great. :)


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